Amy 2 to 3 Yrs. Old Blue Nose Staffordshire Terrier

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Amy Amy
2.5 Yr. Old Blue Nose Staffordshire Terrier

 Hello, everyone. It's me, Amy! I am here at Rescue Ridge in Monmouth County NJ waiting very patiently for my forever home. I am just 2.5 yrs. old, an amber-eyed, Blue-Nose Staffordshire Terrier, spayed female. I was saved seconds away from being euthanized by a wonderful, young woman who, along with her family, has been trying very hard to find me a loving forever home. They tell me that I am truly a special girl. I am well mannered, highly intelligent, super loving, playful, quiet, housebroken, know some commands, good on a leash, love to play tug, and I love toys and will share them with you, too. I love splashing in the kiddie pool, and love to play catch. My temporary foster family has a dog who is scared of other dogs and does not feel comfortable around me. My foster family has to keep me separated. I don't mean to scare anyone. I just want to play and be loved! My foster family has not tested me yet with other dogs so stay tuned for that but meanwhile, I love people. I am probably best in a home with slightly older children simply because I am energetic and if I do my zoomies I might knock them down by accident. I need a special diet and will need to stay on it, along with my medicine that you sprinkle on my food which is prepared in advance. I eat my food without any problems and am truly a good girl. I just need someone who will make sure that I take my medicine for my enzyme problem to help me absorb my food correctly. I also need a family who will make sure that I should not eat anything other than my treated food and snacks that are treated with the meds sprinkled on. My foster family tells me that I am well worth the extra trouble because I am a joy to be with! Have you seen my video? Here it is. Please apply to foster or adopt me at and then text us at 732 546 8805 once you receive the confirmation. My foster family loves me but their dog is very unhappy having me around. Please share me widely for a loving foster or forever home. Thank you.  Check me out in my latest video  


Amy is ~2 to 3 yrs. old.  She was rescued by a dedicated animal lover minutes away from her being euthanized.  Rescue Ridge is trying to help her.  Here is the information from her current foster and rescuer.  This is a very loving girl who will need a very special, experienced owner who understands a dog who has special medical needs.  She is a loving, gentle girl and will reward you for your kindness. She will need ongoing medical care.  If you are that special person and are home a lot, please apply at  No inquiries, please, without an application. Here is the information from her rescuer and current foster.  Amy deserves a chance.  Will YOU be her hero? Amy needs a fenced in yard and can jump high so she must be supervised in the yard.  She also might eat something.  Amy has a high prey drive so no small animals, no cats.  She might be ok with other dogs, if properly introduced.  According to her foster, she barks at other dogs out of positive interest but has not been introduced to other dogs. 

If anyone is interested in fostering this pretty little girl, Amy, PLEASE apply! She is the absolute sweetest thing. If I could keep her I would, and that is the truth. However my dog is a senior, has health issues, and is not good with other dogs, plus I have two cats, so Amy has been separated staying in the basement. Her situation was life or death, so although not ideal, my house was the only immediate option. It was meant to be short term. Today marks 4 weeks.

It is so hard to balance spending time between her, my dog who is my best friend and towards the end of her life, and my cats who are so attached to me. It’s especially hard the days I work and come home exhausted from a 12 hour day and have to choose who to spend the couple hours left of the day with. When I am with my dog and cats I think about the time Amy has to be alone. When I am with Amy I think about the time I’m missing with my animals, especially my dog since she is sick.

Not only is the stress unfair to my animals, but it is even more unfair to Amy. I spend as much time with her as I can but the reality is that she spends a lot of time alone in a room. It is so sad. She DESPERATELY needs to go to a new home where she is not limited to one room and where she can get the attention she deserves.

Yes, she has medical issues. Yes, she will need meds for the rest of her life. No, her situation is not simple. But she is so worth it. Plus, seeing her progress is the most amazing thing in the world. Anyone would be SO LUCKY to have her. I have bawled my eyes out because I can’t keep her. Although I can provide her medical care, that means nothing if I cannot provide the rest.

Please, someone give her what she deserves. She has the saddest cry when she is left alone in that room. She deserves so much more. I will miss her so much when I have to give her up, she has become such a big part of my life. But it is for her own good. I love her too much to let her live like this.

I know so many fosters are up to their necks, especially during this pandemic. I hope they know that they are appreciated for what they are doing, and if they cannot take this on, I understand. But if you can take this on and are willing to, please reach out.

If you are able to provide what she needs and can foster her, it will be a lot of work, but you will get the following out of it:
⁃ To feel the tickle of her whiskers when she puts her face against yours and licks you
⁃ The love she gives when she hugs and snuggles you or when she curls up in a ball either next to you or between your legs
⁃ Her appreciation for taking care of her
⁃ To see her cute little smile with her crooked bottom teeth
⁃ To see how funny she looks when her jowls fall when she’s laying on her back to get belly rubs
⁃ To see her little ears go back like a bunny
⁃ To hear all she has to say (a lot), her funny grumbles, the cute squeak she makes when she yawns, and how sometimes it sounds like she says “I love you”
⁃ To see the excitement she gets when you walk through the door
⁃ The excitement when you notice she looks like she has gained weight
⁃ The pride she gives you everyday from how much she learns and grows
⁃ The privilege of being apart of her recovery and seeing it first hand
⁃ The feeling of being so lucky that you get to have her in your life
⁃ And probably a new family member, because even though you plan on just fostering her, you won’t be able to imagine your life without her

Taking Amy would not just be a favor to her. It would not just be a favor to me and my family. By fostering her, you too will be forever grateful; you will be grateful for her.
If interested, please fill out a foster or adoption application at   No inquiries, please, without an application.   Amy is in Monmouth County NJ.

If you are willing and able to donate to help with her medical expenses, you can do so at the following link:

Every cent is appreciated. And even if you cannot donate, your shares and your support is appreciated more than words can say.  HERE IS AMY VIDEO 


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