There is nothing like the love of a Pittie


Do you have a special place in your heart for Pit Bulls? Do you want to help this wonderful breed, but are not able to adopt or foster at this time?  Because many of us at Rescue Ridge feel the same, we created a “Pulling for the Pits” Sponsorship Program.

By sponsoring a Pit Bull, you are saving two lives….one rescued and one to take its place in the shelter. So many shelters are overcrowded with Pit Bulls and other breeds and unfortunately, many Pit Bulls are euthanized as a result.

You can help by making a one-time or monthly donation to this important program.

As space allows, we are pulling as many Pit Bulls and Pit Bull mixes from local shelters and providing shelter and loving care until they are adopted. Our dogs are housed in local kennels where we pay a discounted fee for their space. Our volunteers visit, play with and walk the dogs on a daily basis while they wait for their forever homes.

1)  Monthly Donation: A recurring monthly donation in the amount you choose will be billed monthly to your Paypal account. A monthly donation of $300 a month covers all the needs (food, shelter, medical care) of a pet.

Scheduled Monthly Donations


2) One Time Donation: Make a donation to the Pulling for the Pits sponsorship program as often as you would like.


Monday - Sunday:

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