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  • Reggie
    1 Yr. Old Shepherd Mix


    Male Shepherd mix

    1 yr old

    Approx 50lbs

    Extremely active


    Good with other dogs of same energy

    Older children due to his energy

    Neutered, up to date

  • Aussi
    24 Yr. Old Standardbred

    Beautiful Aussi needs a new home. A Rescued Standardbred, Companion horse only, his Companion went off to a new home and he needs Companionship. Excellent stable manners and pasture manners. Just 24 years old, no Medical issues, gets along with all animals.Courtesy post of Rescue Ridge. For more information about Aussi please email  [email protected]

  • Star
    11 Weeks Old Shepherd Mix

    Beyond adorable, loving, smart, and doing so much better! Adult, slightly older child, dog-friendly, housebroken, crate trained, affectionate and just a fantastic puppy! She wants a fenced in yard and a family to play with. Star is just 11 weeks old! Adopt Star at If your application is a possible match a volunteer will get back to you shortly No inquiries, please, without an application.

  • Summer
    7 Yrs. Old Labrador/ Rottweiler Mix

    Summer is coming and she would like a new home. Summer is a 7 year old Rottie/Lab mix. She is a shy and gentle little girl. Not interested in toys, is into being love and adored. Summer is ok with other dogs but prefers human attention. And with this face who wouldn't want to give it to her. Good with children. If interested please fill out an application at No questions will be answered without an application. NJ adoptions only Adoption fee is $350.00

  • Momma Onyx
    ~2 Yrs. Old. Staffordshire Terrier Mix

    Momma Onyx- about two years old, likes kids, car rides, and attention. Very sweet and well behaved. Quiet girl with a ton of personality. Heartworm negative up to date on vaccines spayed and chipped. Other dogs a maybe, would need a meet. NJ adoptions only. Must have an application in before inquiries. Fenced in yard a must. Please apply to adopt Onyx at and if your application is a possible match a volunteer will get back to you within 72 hours.  Here is a little clip of Momma Onyx

  • Rusty
    6.5 Yr old Labrador/ Golden Retriever Mix

    Hold on to your hats people and meet this truly wonderful boy, Rusty was surrendered to a shelter with his brother Smokey.
    Rusty is a 6/7 yr old lab mix to die for!   Sweet and tolerant and loving. Loves attention, taking walks, car rides, and eating. Rusty was excellent at the vet's office.
    Enjoys laying at your feet and being pet.
    If you are looking for that perfect companion for you come and meet Rusty.
    Applications are a must so that we know if you are a fit or not. Go to and then text 732-546-8805 to let us know you sent in an application.
    Rusty's adoption fee is $350.00. Here is Rusty in his video debut  

  • Roxy
    6 Yr. Old Red Staffordshire Terrier

    Please adopt Roxy. She is an extremely affectionate, well-behaved middle-aged girl. She was saved from a local NJ shelter. She has been living in a foster home and her foster mom reports that she has excellent house manners, is housebroken, she's calm, and most importantly friendly to all humans big and small. She is not a fan of other dogs so she will need to be an only pet. She has not had an easy life at all, so she deserves the best possible home with lots of love. She will be happy to love you in return! Please apply to adopt Roxy at If your application is a possible match, a volunteer will get back to you within 72 hours. No inquiries, please, without an application.

  • Marley
    2.5 Yrs. Old Labrador/ Hound Mix

    Marley is such a special puppy! At just 2.5 yrs. old, this handsome, smart, sweet, affectionate, Labrador/ Hound mix boy has been waiting patiently in his kennel at Rescue Ridge in Monmouth County NJ. He walks very nicely on a leash, takes toys, treats, food gently, keeps his kennel clean, and just needs an active family or person. Best in a home with older children because Marley might knock the little ones down. He needs an experienced owner who will keep up with his training, particularly with his leash grabbing antics which he thinks is a game. He stops and listens when you let him know that leashes are for walking LOL. Marley is great in the car and is an active boy who is up for adventures. He also loves to sunbathe. Marley likes to pick his doggie friends so if you have one we would have to see if he is a good match. He would be just as happy as your only pet. Marley is a great dog who clearly had someone love him at some point. Will YOU love Marley and take him home in time for the Holidays? Please apply to adopt Marley at and if your application is a possible match a volunteer will get back to you within 72 hours. Please share.

  • Bronx
    3 Yrs. Old Staffordshire Terrier

    LET'S WELCOME BRONX TO RESCUE RIDGE! Bronx is approximately 3 yrs.old, a stunning, sweet, Staffordshire Terrier. He is very loving and affectionate once he is comfortable with you. Bronx would do best in an adult only home with someone who knows and understands the breed. He should be an only pet in the home. He has had professional training and will continue his training once he is adopted. This boy deserves a loving home. Please apply to adopt Bronx at and once you submit an application, please text us that you did. If your application is a possible match, a volunteer will get back to you within 72 hours. Let's show some love for Bronx by sharing him widely!

  • Cleo
    Cleo ~6 or 7 Yrs. Old Rottweiler

    UPDATE:  7/23/20 Cleo had her surgery today and is now spayed.  She also had what apparently is just a growth removed.  We are so relieved!  This sweet girl has won the heart of everyone who has met her.  She is now in a foster home awaiting her forever home.  Don't miss out on Cleo.  She is a wonderful companion. Let's welcome Cleo to Rescue Ridge in Monmouth County, N. J. This lovely ~6 to 7 yrs. old sweetheart, female Rottweiler is looking for a foster or forever home. Cleo is a gentle, very friendly gal who was abandoned and tied up on the Garden State Parkway in the heat! Rescue Ridge has stepped up to save her and she is currently waiting in her kennel for a kind person or family to make the rest of her days pampered and loved. Cleo will be going for surgery during the next week or so to remove a large tumor on her stomach and to be spayed. We will know her medical information better at that time. Cleo loves everyone she meets and seems to be dog-friendly. She enjoys easy-going walks, loves to roll in the grass, and has no toy, treat, or food issues. She seems to be housebroken and keeps her kennel very clean. If you would like to foster or adopt Cleo, please apply at and then text 732 546 8805 to let us know you did. Please consider helping us out by donating to her surgery. These are very rough times for us since all of our major fundraiser activities were canceled due to Covid 19. We really need your help in keeping us afloat to continue our mission to save as many homeless animals as we can and provide them with wonderful care. Please donate for Cleo on the Donate button attached here or on our website at Thank you. Here is Cleo in her video debut

  • Shiloh
    6 Yrs. Old Staffordshire Terrier Mix

    Courtesy Post. Please apply at Shiloh is still searching for a quiet, adult only home where he can enjoy going for long or short walks, run in a fenced-in yard, or just snuggle by your side and watch the world go by. He is best with an experienced owner as your only pet and prefers to be in a home with women. Well, we guess he is simply a ladies man! Shiloh is less trusting of men.  He can be fine with men with slow introduction. Poor boy  who knows what his life was like before but we know that there is a loving home out there for this handsome guy. He is best in a quiet, single-family home. The apartment life is too busy for him. Shiloh is fully housebroken, crate trained, good on a leash, takes toys, treats food gently, knows several commands, and is wondering when his chance will come at a loving, quiet, adult home? Can you be Shiloh's hero? He is 6 yrs. old sweetheart down on his luck. Saved by Best Friend Dog and Animal Adoption, Inc. and Best Friend Thrift Shop from a local New Jersey shelter where he waited a long time to be rescued. Now, Shiloh is in his kennel in Stirling, N. J. waiting for you to adopt him. Please apply to adopt Shiloh at and email [email protected] for more information. If your application is a possible match, a volunteer will get back to you within 72 hours. Here is Shiloh in his newest video

  • Mya
    Mya 11 Months Old Staffordshire Terrier ~ Labrador Mix

    Sweet, smart, loving, adult, slightly older child, dog friendly, housebroken, crate trained Mya is still looking for her forever home. We saved Mya when she was just 8 months old and now she is 11 months old and still looking for you to adopt her. She Loves to play fetch, takes toys, treats, food very gently, is pretty good on a leash, loves to snuggle, and cuddle with you and loves the company of other dogs, too. Mya is hearing impaired and has been learning hand signals. She is very eager to learn. She still does her puppy zoomies, and is very playful. Mya will need an owner who is dedicated to maintaining her hand signing signals to teach her about the world. Her hearing impairment does not slow her down at all from being a great puppy. She also loves to splash in a kiddie pool or play with a water sprinkler. Mya is in a foster home with one of our wonderful trainers and has learned even more in a short amount of time. Are YOU that special family who will keep up with Mya's teachings? She is best in a home with slightly older children simply because the children need to understand and follow the rules to keep a hearing impaired dog safe and structured. Please apply to adopt Mya at and if your application is a possible match, a volunteer will get back to you within 72 hours. Please share. Here is Mya in her video debut

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  • Freddie
    6 Yrs. Old Boxer/Terrier Mix

    Sweet, sweet Freddie would like to know when he can go home. He is a stunning, smart, playful, affectionate 6 yrs. old, Staffie/ Boxer mix who loves to play fetch, loves to go for walks, and loves to just lazying around with you. Fully housebroken, Freddie awaits your love at Rescue Ridge in central. N. J. He likes to pick his doggie friends so if you have one, let's do a meet and greet. Freddie is best in a home with slightly older to older kids due to his strength. Won't you please take him home? Please apply to adopt Freddie at and text 732 546 8805 to meet him. Here is a video of Freddie from a while ago.

    Stay tuned for a new one. Please share widely.

  • Sebastian
    ~2 to 3 Yrs. Old Staffordshire Terrier/ ~/ ~French Bulldog/Labrador

    Hi, everyone! My name is Sebastian and this is my story. I am a newbie at Rescue Ridge and I am so very grateful to be here. You see, I was left abandoned in a building and was literally starving to death. I was so weak and emaciated but Rescue Ridge stepped up to save me. Now, I am in a foster home and I am waiting for you to fall in love with me. My foster dad thinks I am a super sweet, great dog and so much fun to be with! Maybe you will, too! I am about 2 to 3 years old, have lots of energy, love to play ball, too. Do you? Great, then we can start playing as soon as you adopt me. I am great at cuddling, am fully housebroken, walk really nicely on a leash, and I am very well mannered at the dinner table and with treats. In other words, I have no toy, treat or food issues and will even let you sit near me or take my food bowl while I eat. Yup, I am just a gentle and loving pup who looked Death straight in the eye and said, 'Nope, not me...I want to live, love, and be happy.' Oh, I am a pretty smart guy, too. I know 'Sit', 'Down', 'Paw', and 'Stay.' I would really benefit from even further training because I love to learn. I am neutered, vaccinated, and ready for my forever home. My foster dad thinks that I am best in a home with slightly older kids simply because I am strong and energetic and would not want to knock the little ones down. So...this is my story. Let me be your one and only pet and I would love an experienced owner, too! Come meet me soon and please apply to adopt me at and then text 732 546 8805 to meet me. Thanks for listening. Please share me for my forever home.

  • Martin
    5 Yrs. Old. Staffordshire Terrier/ Labrador Mix

    Martin wants to let you know that he is still waiting for his forever home at Rescue Ridge. He is waiting for you in his kennel at Rescue Ridge in central NJ. Martin was saved by Rescue Ridge from a local inner-city NJ shelter. He is visually impaired but he gets around quite well. Martin is a good sweet, 5 yrs. old, Staffordshire Terrier/ Labrador mix. He is good with other larger, gentle, senior dogs. Due to his being visually impaired, Martin sometimes has difficulty understanding social cues when around other dogs and he needs another dog who is patient and yet can teach him how to behave. He would even love to be your one and only pet. No cats, please. No small animals. Martin is housebroken and crate trained. He loves to just hang around and snuggle with you. Please apply to adopt Martin at and then text 732 546 8805 to meet him. Please share and help Martin finally have a forever home.

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  • Rocky
    3-5 Yrs. Old Beagle Mix

    Come meet adorable Rocky at Rescue Ridge! This sweet, shy, 3 to 5 yr. old, neutered, vaccinated, Beagle mix was saved by Rescue Ridge and is currently waiting patiently in his kennel in central N. J. Rocky needs a little bit of time to warm up to you but once he does, he will gladly cuddle on your lap for as long as you let him. Rocky walks nicely on a leash, takes toys,treats and food gently, is housebroken, and is best in a home with older children. He gets along best with mellow dogs. Don't miss out on this very special pup. Please apply to adopt Rocky at and text 732 546 8805 to meet him.

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  • John
    7 Yrs. Old Bull Dog Mix

    There's a new sheriff in town goes by the name John Wayne.

    Now John Wayne is no spring chicken seen his share of cowdogs come and go

    If you are searching for that special so and so

    John Wayne is the way to go

    John is 7 years old loves to be pet and adored. Loves looking into your eyes and knowing you love him. Up to date on shots and neutered

    Likes other dogs, not sure about cats.

    Walks calmly on a leash. Doesn't seem to bark too much.

    If you would like to make John a big part of your world please fill out an application on and then text 732-546-8805 for a meet.

    We are looking for someone to love and adore him so please be serious about your inquiry.

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  • Thor
    8 Yrs. Old Bulldog

    Hi, everyone! My name is Thor. What's yours? The folks here at Rescue Ridge in Monmouth County NJ say that I am an incredibly handsome, 8 yrs.old Bulldog just waiting for the right person or family to come along. I have been waiting for quite a while now for the right home. The volunteers at Rescue Ridge understand me. You see, I have this thing called arthritis and sometimes I just don't feel like moving much or I get grumpy sometimes. As a result, I prefer a low-key, quiet, adult only home and when company comes over, please just let me go back into my room or crate so they don't bother me. They have me on some medicine and that really helps me to get around much better. In fact, I feel even better when I go on easy-going walks and I am really good on a leash. I am housebroken, too. I LOVE car rides so let me be your co-pilot. My friends at Rescue Ridge even got me some professional training and I have done really well...graduating with high honors or something like that:) I am best in an adult home and am dog selective. At this point, the rescue recommends that I am the only pet in your home.  I would love a very experienced owner who understands that I have had to endure a lot in my lifetime and will be your absolute most loyal and loving, affectionate companion once I know you. You see, I really am a good guy so please apply to adopt me at No inquiries, please, without an application. Kennel life is hard for an older guy like me. Won't you please adopt me soon? Please adopt me at No inquiries without an application, please. Here is my video debut so pull up a seat and take a look  HERE IS MY LATEST VIDEO IN A TEMPORARY FOSTER HOME 

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