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  • Lela
    2 Yrs. Old Staffordshire Terrier/ Hound Mix

    Lela is a complete love! Saved by Rescue Ridge from a local NJ shelter, along with her buddy Hunter. Lela is housebroken, good on a leash, is very loving, gentle, playful, and affectionate, and will make an outstanding family dog. Best in a home with children age 8 and older, this bouncy beauty has tons of love to give. Let Lela be your co-pilot in the car and you will enjoy wonderful adventures together. She takes toys, treats, and food very gently, is dog selective and is available for forever love at in central NJ. Please apply to adopt Lela with Hunter or by herself at If your application is a possible match a volunteer will get back to you as soon as possible. Please text us at 732 546 8805 to let us know you applied for this wonderful girl.

  • Hunter
    1 Yr. Old Shepherd/ Hound Mix

    Hunter is a wonderful adult, child, and dog-friendly, housebroken, crate trained, one-year-old Shepherd/ Hound mix. He and Lela were saved by Rescue Ridge from a local NJ shelter. Although we would love to see them find a forever home together, they can be adopted separately. Hunter takes toys, treats, food gently, and loves to run in the play yard or go for walks. He walks nicely on a leash and loves car rides, too. Hunter is available for adoption at Rescue Ridge in central NJ. Please apply to adopt him at and then text 732 546 8805 to say that you did. If your application is a possible match a volunteer will contact you as soon as possible.

  • Nina
    ~8 to 10 Yrs. Old Staffordshire Terrier Mix

    Are YOU looking for the perfect, mellow, loving, playful, housebroken, affectionate pup? Well, you are in luck because Nina is exactly that! This beautiful, ~8 to 10 yrs. old, Staffordshire Terrier mix angel is waiting in her kennel at Rescue Ridge for someone to adopt her. She is a joy to be with and loves to play with you or amuse herself with a nice toy. Nina walks effortlessly on a leash, takes toys, treats, and food gently, and is great in the car, too. Nina is dog selective. She lived with another dog (male) so if you have a nice, gentle pup we can see if your dog is a good match. She is available for love and a forever home in central NJ at Please apply to adopt her and if your application is a possible match a volunteer will get back to you as soon as possible.

  • Wendell
    4 Yrs. Old Male Terrier Mix

    Meet Wendell. He is a 4 yr old male terrier mix. He is a very happy, friendly dog. Wendell is a strong boy and should not go to a home with small children. We aren't sure yet if he gets along with other dogs, so for now he should be an only pet. Wendell is neutered and up to date with all of his vaccines.

    Please apply at Rescue Ridge at if you'd like to meet Wendell. If your application is a possible match a volunteer will contact you.

  • Rhino
    8 Yrs. Old Staffordshire Terrier/ Boxer Mix

    Rhino is 8 yrs. old. He is a stunning, athletic, brindle, Staffordshire Terrier/ Boxer mix. This poor boy lived outside on a heavy chain for the first five years of his life with little shelter or love. His owner brought him to a local NJ shelter and Rescue Ridge stepped up to save him. The volunteers at Rescue Ridge gained his love and trust. Rescue Ridge has also helped Rhino with professional training. Rhino is an incredible dog. He is most loyal and loving and highly intelligent. Rhino needs an experienced owner. Rhino needs a quiet adult home with no traffic of people coming and going. He is housebroken and has no toy, treat, or food issues. He will gladly cuddle with you and loves structure. He loves a routine. He looks forward to his walks and is excellent on leash. Rhino loves car rides and will be your best co-pilot. He knows his basic commands and listens very well. Rhino is best as your only pet in the home even though he has some canine friends at the rescue and even had a canine girlfriend. She found her forever home. Where is his? If you are the type of person whose heart goes out to the most in need and will provide structure, then Rhino will truly be your best companion. Please apply to adopt Rhino at No inquiries, please without an application.

  • Nina
    -1.5 Yrs. old Staffordshire Terrier Mix

    Say Hi to Nina Everyone. This beautiful girl is in need of a safe, loving, forever home where she is the ONLY pet. She will adore all humans and make you feel loved like you've never felt before.

    Nina's story began in Detroit where we can only assume things were not the greatest for her. She has some scars to prove it. The stars must have been aligned for Nina the day she found her way into the heart of a young college student who rescued her from the shelter. The shelter did tell her adopter that Nina was very anxious around other dogs, and they did need to sedate her. She continued the medication when she brought her home. Immediate love bug. kisses, cuddling and lap sitting. She did start to show signs of extreme reactiveness with other animals and separation anxiety.

    Covid Hits: The college student went home to a house with another dog and cats. The family has tried everything to help Nina through whatever trauma she faced as a puppy. But her fear aggression is just not working in a multi pet household.

    A great fit for Nina would be a one pet home with a fenced in yard as she loves, loves, loves to run. She loves kids, adults and all humans. Especially the ones that will let her lay on their lap. She does have separation anxiety, which the behaviorist said will lower with time, but a stay/work at home adult would be ideal.

    Here are some words from Nina's family:

    Nina is the sweetest most loving dog we've ever had the pleasure of knowing. She has yet to meet a person she hasn't loved or a lap she did not want to sprawl on. She's the perfect cuddle buddy. We believe she has had things happen in her life that has caused fear-based aggression towards other dogs and separation anxiety. Because of this rocky start, she is currently taking Fluoxetine (Prozac) to help with her separation anxiety. We brought in a dog behaviorist to see if she could help Nina befriend our dog and cats and although she's made some strides, we feel as though a home without any pets would be the best for her.

    Nina is an incredibly smart dog and has (remotely) taken one puppy class where she quickly learned a bunch of commands. Her favorite past-times are to cuddle on any available lap and be the perfect pillow for anyone who is in need of one and to do zoomies around the backyard.

    If any dog ever deserved a happy ending it is our sweet Nina.

    -1.5 Yrs. old Staffordshire Terrier Mix
    35 to 40 Pounds
    Spayed. Up to date on vaccinations
    Courtesy Post
    Contact: [email protected]

  • Thor
    Thor 4 Yrs. Old German Shepherd

    Thor is a 4-year-old German Shepherd. His dad needs to have surgery so he needs to find a home for Thor.
    Thor has been around little children but since he is big we prefer older children. He has a Beagle girlfriend when he is on a walk. He does pull to go with the other dogs. A fenced-in yard would be best.
    Thor knows some commands but they are in Polish. Please apply to adopt this handsome boy at and if your application is a possible match a volunteer will get back to you within 72 hours. Please share.

  • Ben
    12 Weeks Old Staffordshire Terrier Lab Mix

    Who is looking for a precious, 12 weeks old, Staffordshire Terrier mix puppy? Meet Ben! Ben loves adults, children, and other dogs. He is a very loving and very friendly puppy who is looking for his forever home at Rescue Ridge in central NJ. Ben is in a foster home and is a joy to be with. Please apply to adopt Ben at and if your application is a possible match a volunteer will get back to you within 72 hours. Please share.

  • Vita
    2.5 Yrs. Old Staffordshire Terrier Mix

    Looking for a love bug for Valentine's Day, here she is. Vita is a 2 1/2-year-old fit and fabulous girl. Found limping in the cold damp weather back in November. Vita was taken in by a very wonderful person who posted on lost dogs. Her owners came back with her dirty bowls and ripped up toys to say they did not want her. The person who found her asked why Vita was limping and they said she got out of their house. People then called Rescue Ridge to help with Vita after a few visits to the vet Rescue Ridge paid for her surgery for her broken leg. Now that Vita is all healed she needs a loving home. Vita is a 65 lb girl who thinks she is a lapdog. Best in a home with older children. She has learned to sit, lay down and give paw. She is dog selective and please no cats. Vita is active so a fenced yard would be great. She would chase a squirrel for miles. She is loving and loyal and the best movie-watching companion. And she loves car rides. If you are interested in Vita an application is a must please go to to fill it out and then text 732-546-8805 or email [email protected] to let us know. please be patient since the foster family would like to review apps with us. No phone calls please email or text. Vita's adoption fee is $400.00.

  • Caesar
    Caesar 13 Yrs. Old Pit Bull Mix

    Please adopt Caesar! He is a complete love! Caesar is a 13-year young Pitbull mix. He is still very active and vivacious! He enjoys going on walks, playing with toys, and snuggling on the couch. He has no know health issues and is current will all of his vaccines. He is friendly to all people. He would prefer to be an only pet. Please give this very sweet, senior boy the home he deserves!
    Please apply to adopt Caesar at and if your application is a possible match a volunteer will get back to you within 72 hours. Please share. Caesar is waiting in his kennel for you in Monmouth County NJ.

  • Rocky
    5 to 7 Yrs. Old Beagle/ Hound Mix

    Come meet adorable Rocky at Rescue Ridge! This sweet, shy, 5to 7yr. old, neutered, vaccinated, Beagle mix was saved by Rescue Ridge and is currently waiting patiently in his kennel in central N. J. Rocky needs lots of time to warm up to you, is housebroken, and is best in a home with no children He passes by dogs just fine but would prefer not to live with one.. Don't miss out on this very special pup. Please apply to adopt Rocky at and text 732 546 8805 to meet him.

    Rocky would be best with a one or two-person family who is very experienced. Very low key and little company.

    Rocky has been with us a while and can be very temperamental. He needs someone who lives in Monmouth county who can visit him a bunch of times before he could go home.

    If you are interested please fill out an application at and then reach out to 732-546-8805.

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  • Freddie
    6.5 Yrs. Old Staffordshire Terrier/ Boxer Mix

    POOR FREDDIE WAS RETURNED TO RESCUE RIDGE. Poor, sweet, handsome, Freddie was returned to Rescue Ridge through no fault of his own. His family could no longer take care of him. We need your help in finding Freddie a new, loving, forever home. Will you help us to help him? Freddie is a loving, affectionate, playful, now 6 1/2 yr. old, Staffordshire Terrier or Hound/ Boxer mix guy who was saved by Rescue Ridge from a local, New Jersey, overcrowded shelter . His family could not keep him and Rescue Ridge stepped up to save him. . Freddie is best in an adult home, and housebroken, too! He loves to run, snuggle, play ball, and go for walks. He knows 'Sit' and takes toys, treats and food gently. Freddie is fabulous in the car and promises to be your best co- pilot ever! Freddie is dog selective and would prefer to be your only pet in the home. Please apply to foster or adopt Freddie in central N. J. at and email: [email protected] or text us at 732-546-8805

  • Taffy
    6 yrs. old Shepherd Mix

    Have a sweet tooth well our Taffy will satisfy that for you.

    Taffy 6 yr old Shep mix about 75 lbs. nice girl just waiting for her person to come and find her.

    Gentle and affectionate, learning to walk on a leash. Would be great for a person who just wants a snuggle bunny.

    A fenced-in yard is always a plus, especially in these icy months.

    Loves going for car rides. Is the perfect companion.

    If you would like to meet Taffy please fill out an application at and then text 732-546-8805 or email [email protected] It is very difficult to answer everyone's questions so please submit an application if you want to know more.

    Taffy's adoption fee is $400.00. She is spayed and up to date.

    Taffy comes with a collar, a leash, some toys, and food.

    Here is Taffy in her video debut  

  • Sebastian
    ~2 to 3 Yrs. Old Staffordshire Terrier/ ~/ ~French Bulldog/Labrador

    Sebastian a young adult dog looking for a home this Holiday Season or in the coming New Year. Sebastian was found locked in an abandoned building, found just in the nick of time before he starved to death. Sebastian is a pocket Pittie boy. He has been at a trainer for a while to get him back to being the dog we know he can be. Sebastian needs a very experienced owner. No children or any other animals. Sebastian would be best in an active home, someone who likes to walk or run or a nice weekend hike. if this holiday season you want to help make a miracle please think of Sebastian. If you fit these criteria, please fill out an application at and then text 732-546-8805 so we can set up an appt. An application is a must. No out of state adoptions. Sebastian's adoption fee is $400.00. Sebastian comes with food a collar, a leash, and some training lessons for the new parents.

  • Ahsoka
    2 Yrs. Old American Bulldog Mix

    Are you looking for a beautiful big girl to love? Ahsoka, or as her foster family calls her, 'Soka, is looking for YOU. She loves all people and wants to be the center of attention. She's very sweet and playful. She likes to force her love on you so be prepared for 85lbs of love laying all over you! Soka loves to go for long walks and enjoys hiking. Soka also enjoys laying around chewing on her toys and bones. She is a strong girl so a fenced-in yard is a must. Please apply to adopt Ahsoka at and if your application is a possible match a volunteer will get back to you as soon as possible. Please text 732 546 8805 to let us know you completed an application.

  • Scarlett
    4.5 Yrs. Old Blue Nose Staffordshire Terrier

    Poor Scarlett is back at Rescue Ridge. Her foster home did not work out. Too much energy for the older dog. Please give Scarlett a chance at a loving, forever home for the Holidays. She is so smart and sweet.
    Hi, everyone! My name is Scarlett. I am a sweet, 4-4.5 yrs. old, Blue Nose Staffordshire Terrier saved by Rescue Ridge from a local NJ shelter. I have learned a great deal here at Rescue Ridge in Monmouth County NJ and the folks here sent me to a professional trainer where I learned even more. I know a few commands, take treats and food gently, love to go for walks, car rides, and play in the play yard at the kennel. I am good with large dogs and the folks here have not tested me with small dogs or cats so we are really not sure about that. What they are sure about is that I give wonderful kisses once I get to know you. I am best in an adult home with an experienced owner. I get too excited about my toys but you can correct me to let me know to stop. That is what my trainer has taught me and I am eager to learn and please you. They really want me to go to a home that is willing to keep up with my great training. If you are willing, then that would be perfect! I keep my kennel very clean and am housebroken in a home. I was in a foster home and was a good girl. I really want to go home so please apply to adopt me at No inquiries, please, without an application. I sure hope to meet you soon so we can have lots of fun together! Please apply to adopt Scarlett at She is waiting in her kennel in Monmouth County NJ and she wants to go home for the Holidays. Here is her newest video:

    and here is her previous video when she first arrived

  • Oliver
    8 Yrs. Old Tri-Colored Chihuahua

    Oliver is still waiting for his forever home at
    Lost Dog Search & Rescue

    and is in a foster home in Monmouth County NJ. He is 8 yrs. old, adult, older child, dog and cat-friendly, housebroken, wonderful on a leash, takes toys, treats, food gently, loves to go for walks or just hang out with you on a lovely day or evening. Oliver loves to sit on your lap but prefers to jump onto it rather than you pick him up. For this reason, he is best with older children who will understand not to pick him up. Oliver is good with male and female dogs of all sizes but prefers the little dogs and prefers dogs that are not going to jump up all over him. Oliver an adorable tri-colored Chihuahua and will make a wonderful companion, knows a few commands, and will literally dance into your heart! Watch Oliver do a little dance for a treat in this video! Please apply to adopt Oliver at and his rescue will get back to you. Here is Oliver in his latest video 

  • Roxy
    ~5.5 to 6 Yr. Old Red Staffordshire Terrier

    A volunteer wrote: 'I met Roxy today! She is a complete and total delight! Her foster mom and Roxy met me at the park and we had so much fun watching Roxy explore. Roxy is ~5.5 yrs. old, an adorable Staffordshire Terrier mix saved from a miserable life of breeding. Rescue Ridge stepped up to save her and she is doing great in her foster home. Roxy loves people of all ages. She is affectionate, well-mannered, and kind. Roxy has great house manners and is fully housebroken/ crate trained, and is a pleasure to have in the foster home. She takes toys, treats, food gently, and is treat motivated. Roxy will give you her paw in exchange for a nice treat. She loves car rides, too! In the home, she is a terrific snuggler so turn on some movies and spend quality time with a truly loving girl. Roxy walks fairly well on a leash, just excited when she sees a squirrel LOL or another dog. Roxy loves to go for walks so put on your walking shoes and have a great time with Roxy! She prefers to be your one and only pet and with such a loving nature you truly won't need more. Please apply to adopt Roxy in central NJ at and if your application is a possible match a volunteer will get back to you within 72 hours. Here is Roxy's video debut Please adopt Roxy. You won't regret it for a minute    

  • Bronx
    3 Yrs. Old Staffordshire Terrier

    LET'S WELCOME BRONX TO RESCUE RIDGE! Bronx is approximately 3 yrs.old, a stunning, sweet, Staffordshire Terrier. He is very loving and affectionate once he is comfortable with you. Bronx would do best in an adult only home with someone who knows and understands the breed. He should be an only pet in the home. He has had professional training and will continue his training once he is adopted. This boy deserves a loving home. Please apply to adopt Bronx at and once you submit an application, please text us that you did. If your application is a possible match, a volunteer will get back to you within 72 hours. Let's show some love for Bronx by sharing him widely!

  • Cleo
    Cleo ~6 or 7 Yrs. Old Rottweiler

    UPDATE:  7/23/20 Cleo had her surgery today and is now spayed.  She also had what apparently is just a growth removed.  We are so relieved!  This sweet girl has won the heart of everyone who has met her.  She is now in a foster home awaiting her forever home.  Don't miss out on Cleo.  She is a wonderful companion. Let's welcome Cleo to Rescue Ridge in Monmouth County, N. J. This lovely ~6 to 7 yrs. old sweetheart, female Rottweiler is looking for a foster or forever home. Cleo is a gentle, very friendly gal who was abandoned and tied up on the Garden State Parkway in the heat! Rescue Ridge has stepped up to save her and she is currently waiting in her kennel for a kind person or family to make the rest of her days pampered and loved. Cleo will be going for surgery during the next week or so to remove a large tumor on her stomach and to be spayed. We will know her medical information better at that time. Cleo loves everyone she meets and seems to be dog-friendly. She enjoys easy-going walks, loves to roll in the grass, and has no toy, treat, or food issues. She seems to be housebroken and keeps her kennel very clean. If you would like to foster or adopt Cleo, please apply at and then text 732 546 8805 to let us know you did. Please consider helping us out by donating to her surgery. These are very rough times for us since all of our major fundraiser activities were canceled due to Covid 19. We really need your help in keeping us afloat to continue our mission to save as many homeless animals as we can and provide them with wonderful care. Please donate for Cleo on the Donate button attached here or on our website at Thank you. Here is Cleo in her video debut

  • Martin
    5 Yrs. Old. Staffordshire Terrier/ Labrador Mix

    Martin wants to let you know that he is still waiting for his forever home at Rescue Ridge. He is waiting for you in his kennel at Rescue Ridge in central NJ. Martin was saved by Rescue Ridge from a local inner-city NJ shelter. He is visually impaired but he gets around quite well. Martin is a good sweet, 5 yrs. old, Staffordshire Terrier/ Labrador mix. He is good with other larger, gentle, senior dogs. Due to his being visually impaired, Martin sometimes has difficulty understanding social cues when around other dogs and he needs another dog who is patient and yet can teach him how to behave. He would even love to be your one and only pet. No cats, please. No small animals. Martin is housebroken and crate trained. He loves to just hang around and snuggle with you. Please apply to adopt Martin at and then text 732 546 8805 to meet him. Please share and help Martin finally have a forever home.

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