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Meet Our Adoptable Dogs

Great Dogs Looking For Great Homes

  • Attis
    2.5 yrs. old Staffordshire Terrier sweetheart

     Courtesy Post. Please contact [email protected] and apply to foster or adopt Attis at in central N. J.

    Attis lives with another dog now and they get along well. Attis can be dog selective and can be reactive to other dogs when on a leash. Training would be provided to help with the reactivity. 
    Attis also lives with a baby and is gentle with him. Due to his activity level and size (he's 75lbs) a home with older kids, If any, would be best.
    THE IDEAL HOME FOR ATTIS would be an ACTIVE adult home with older kids or no kids. It is essential that he be given an adequate amount of physical and mental exercise. He loves to run, hike, swim, play fetch and tug. HE IS A SUPER FUN DOG!! A big yard and possibly a pool would be ideal for him. 
    Attis would likely be fine with an active female dog who likes to play. A meet and greet would absolutely be required. 

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  • Martin
    5 Yrs. Old. Staffordshire Terrier/ Labrador Mix

    Are you looking for a sweet, 5 yrs. young, gentle boy to share your life with? Martin is a love! He is in search of a quiet home and is good with people and with other, gentle senior dogs. Martin is visually impaired. Martin was saved by Rescue Ridge just in time from a local, NJ, inner-city shelter. 

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  • Marla
    3 Yrs. Old. Pointer/Hound/Terrier Mix

    Marla is a 3 yr old Pointer/ Hound/ Terrier mix. She loves ALL animals, cats, dogs, horses, goats. Marla is very sweet and playful. She knows some commands, too, such as Sit, Down and walks nicely on a leash. She’s nervous of men and needs a slow introduction. It takes her about 10 minutes to warm up to people when first meeting. Marla would love a home with other friendly dogs to help her with her nerves. She’s housebroken and has Heartworm. She will be starting her treatment next week. (Sept. 17, 2018) Please apply to adopt Marla at and text 732 546 8805 to meet this beautiful, sweet girl.

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  • King Moose

    Special Adopter Alert!!!!. Meet KING. What a loving mush! King is 5 1/2 year old Cane Corso looking to give love to the perfect home. He loves cuddles, walks, car rides, playing with soccer balls, his toys and bones. King is people, dog friendly to all sizes, but no cats. King is housebroken and walks on a leash. King is very gentle taking treats and toys. King would be an absolute love in an adult household or with older children. King just wants to be part of a loving family. Please apply to adopt King Moose at You can also text: 201- 280- 1286 for more information about King Moose. 

    Check out King Moose in his cute video clips and here is another video clip of this sweet boy

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  • Rhino

    Rhino is such a special boy. He has come such a very long way from the day that he was dumped by his 'owner' to a local, N. J. shelter and was then rescued by Rescue Ridge in central N. J. At first, Rhino was very fearful, and did not allow anyone to even go near him. Poor boy...he lived for five years outside with a very heavy chain around his neck and a stake in the ground. Now, at Rescue Ridge, he has learned to trust the volunteers at Rescue Ridge and loves his time in the play yard and walks with the volunteers and even with other dogs. He even has made some female dog friends. Rhino has shown himself to be a most loyal, loving 5 yrs. old, Staffordshire Terrier/ Boxer mix boy. He now knows what it's like to be a real dog. He loves to go for car rides and is very well mannered. Rhino needs a quiet adult home. He is affectionate and easy going once he trusts you. Please...he needs a home. He deserves a home. Will you help Rhino? Please apply to adopt Rhino at and text 732 546 8805 to meet him. Here is Rhino in his latest video playing with Kola and one of our amazing volunteers. Kola found her forever home. Will you help Rhino find his? Please share.

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  • Bailey

    BAILEY FEMALE. SPAYED. PEOPLE/ DOG FRIENDLY BEAGLE MIX Bailey is an adorable ~5 yrs. old, Beagle mix angel. Are you looking for a wonderful, 20 lbs. sweetheart to add to your family? Bailey is in a loving foster home with other dogs and gets along beautifully with them. Bailey was returned to the rescue when her owner could no longer keep her. She is people and dog-friendly and best in a home with slightly older children. She walks nicely on a leash, is a total lap dog, gives sweet kisses, knows some commands, loves squeaky toys and playing fetch, and is ready for her forever home. Please apply to adopt Bailey in central N. J. at: and text: 732 546 8805 or email rescueridgeshelter for a meet and greet. Watch Bailey's previous video debut:

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  • Fergie

    Fergie is a sweet, friendly, 6 year-old, Coonhound weighing about 65 pounds. She was found on a desolate mountain road in Virginia, underweight and anemic and was saved by and transported to a New Jersey rescue. . Fergie's health is fine now and she loves to eat! Her spirit is loving. Her vet care includes spay, vaccines, bloodwork and microchip. Fergie is best in an adult only home. She is not good with children and perhaps this is due to her past. Fergie likes some other dogs She can live with other dogs but they will need to lower their expectations regarding play time. She needs a fenced yard and lots of love. Fergie takes toys, treats and food gently, walks nicely on a leash, keeps her kennel clean and is an easy going, sweet girl. She really perks up when she sees that you have her leash! She's ready for a nice, easy-going walk. Please let Fergie walk into your life forever. Fergie is a courtesy listing on Rescue Ridge. Please apply to adopt her at and your application will be forwarded to her rescuer. This is not a Rescue Ridge dog. We are trying to help out another New Jersey rescue to find Fergie her forever home. Here is Fergie in her video debut: NzXEhpT1sR0

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  • Mallory

    Do you have room in your heart and home for this very sweet, gentle, dog-friendly, housebroken Jack Russell Terrier/ Dachshund mix? Sweet Mallory was saved by Rescue Ridge from a hoarding situation and was adopted. Mallory was recently returned to Rescue Ridge. Her family had a change in circumstances and could no longer keep her. She has some skin problems and Rescue Ridge is fixing her up. Her skin looks much better now and she is ready for her forever home. You can text 732 546 8805 to meet Mallory. Poor girl is waiting for a new, forever home. Mallory is approx. 7 years old, wee pad trained, loves to sit on your lap, loves to play fetch and will bring the ball back to you as many times as you like, takes toys, treats, and food gently, and needs an adult home or one with older children. She loves to be pet and loves to sit on your lap but does not like to be picked up. She is a quiet, gentle soul who is in need of time and patience and lots of love. Please apply to adopt Mallory at and text 732 546 8805 to meet her.

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  • Jasper (Pablo)

    Well look who we have here! Pablo, or as his friends call him Jasper, is one adorable little Chihuahua guy. At just around 7 yrs. old, this adult, older child, dog-friendly, housebroken sweetheart is in a foster home at Rescue Ridge waiting for his forever home. Jasper is in a home with other dogs and is fine with them. He barks at the cat in the home but does not harm him. Saved by Rescue Ridge from a local shelter, Jasper loves to snuggle, cuddle, and be with you. He walks nicely on a leash, takes toys, treats, and food gently, How about setting up an appointment to meet this lovable, laughable, smart little cutie pie by texting 732 546 8805 and apply to adopt Pablo aka Jasper at Please share Oh, one last thing, Pablo/Jasper was at a recent adoption event and did beautifully greeting all of our supporters...just thought we should mention that, too. 🙂

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  • Sammy

    SAMMY American Staffordshire Terrier male. neutered. Dog Selective Sammy is a stunning, sweet, 3 to 5 yr. old, Staffie boy who was saved from a local, N. J. shelter. This angel LOVES people, takes toys, treats, and food gently, amuses himself with footballs, balls, ropes, you name it! He loves to play with you, too, and settles down very, very nicely for belly rubs and watching the world go by. Best in a home with older children because sometimes Sammy does not like to share his toys. Sammy likes some dogs and not others so if you have one, let's see if it's a good match. Sammy is waiting for you in his kennel at Please text 732 546 8805 to meet this pin-up, photogenic sweetheart Here is Sammy's video debut:

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  • Candy

    Candy is currently being fostered in and is available for adoption in the Pennington, NJ area Candy came to us in Feb 2014 as a pup of 6 months and has basically grown up in our rescue. She's been available for adoption the entire time but seems to be overlooked and passed over by potential adopters. Maybe it's because she doesn't always 'show well' at events, maybe it's just that old 'She's a Bulldog' stigma...whatever the reason, Candy has yearned for her new home for nearly four years. What numerous people are missing out on is one really terrific and loving dog! Candy is well mannered and simply loves human interaction, she will sit by your side & let you pet her for hours. While in her foster home, her favorite thing to do when let out of her crate is to run around the entire house leaping as if to say 'I'm free'! Although a fenced in backyard isn't required, she would love one because she loves to gallop flipping her toys into the air! Candy is leash and crate trained and has down all basic commands. She loves car rides & watching TV An ideal home for Candy would be with no other dogs,cats and no young children. She just needs a low key couple that just wants to devote their time to growing this wonderful dog into the greatness we all know she can be! Candy has been on her monthly flea/tick and heart worm preventatives since coming to us and has consistently tested negative for heart worms. Candy just needs a chance and she won't disappoint you. If you'd like to give Candy the home that she so deserves and has been waiting for, then please submit an application at Breed - Bulldog Mix Age - Approx 3 1/2 Size - Medium Weight - Approx 40 lbs. PLEASE EMAIL HER RESCUE AT [email protected] for more information. Here is Candy in her video debut  

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  • Wish

    Will you make Wish's dream come true? Talk about a sweet, mellow, gentle, loving, 7 to 9 yrs. old guy who has had a hard life, Wish is that guy. If you are looking for a wonderful dog who just wants to love you and know that he is cared for and safe, then Wish is the dog for you! Wish is a smaller size Coonhound and a real gem. He is good with people, is dog-friendly, housebroken, good on a leash, takes toys, treats, and food gently and asks for very little in this world. He just wants a loving, forever home. He is a very good dog and a wonderful companion. Wish is best with older children. Please apply to adopt Wish in central N. J. at and text 732 546 8805 to meet him.

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  • Rocky

    Come meet adorable Rocky at Rescue Ridge! This sweet, shy, 3 to 5 yr. old, neutered, vaccinated, Beagle mix was saved by Rescue Ridge and is currently waiting patiently in his kennel in central N. J. Rocky needs a little bit of time to warm up to you but once he does, he will gladly cuddle on your lap for as long as you let him. Rocky walks nicely on a leash, takes toys,treats and food gently, is housebroken, and is best in a home with older children. He gets along best with mellow dogs. Don't miss out on this very special pup. Please apply to adopt Rocky at and text 732 546 8805 to meet him.

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  • Tony Danza

    A volunteer wrote: 'I met a very special little guy today. His name is Tony Danza. He is an incredible mixture of Italian Greyhound, which gives him such grace and agility, and Dachshund, which gives him impeccable hunting instincts. He is just 7 years old, 14 lbs.. and, in his young life, he has seen and been through a lot. There are many sides to Tony Danza: gentle, sweet, calm, affectionate, and then there is the bouncy, 'pogo-stick' like behavior that will keep you in stitches! He is amazingly fast on his feet and can sour the skies with a leap! Tony Danza is very housebroken, enjoys walks, is quiet most of the time, and truly just wants someone to love him. Will you? Tony has the most expressive ears, the most beautiful eyes that will melt your heart. He is good with children and best with kids age 10 and older. As I had said, he has been through a lot and needs an experienced owner who is familiar with small breeds. When Tony trusts you, he is a darling, loving, protective boy...loyal and regal, smart, and sassy. I fell in love with Tony Danza today, and I hope that you will, too. He's best flying solo but does like some dogs and definitely no cats or little critters in your home. Remember, he has Doxie in him. Tony Danza is in a foster home in central N. J. and is available right now so hurry!' Tony Danza is courtesy posted for another N. J. rescue. Please apply to adopt Tony Danza at and your application will be forwarded to his rescue. Check out Tony Danza in his video debut:

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  • Noodle

    Noodle is a 4-year-old, medium-sized Retriever/Shepherd mix. She is dog-friendly and has been thriving at Rescue Ridge- enjoying playing and socializing with the other dogs and volunteers. Sometimes, she takes a while to warm up to some people. She enjoys walks and is good on the leash. Noodle is great in the car and loves car rides. This lovely girl would do best in a home with children 12 and older. Noodle would love a fenced in yard as she is quite active and loves to run. A doggie companion that she gets along with would be a bonus. She is dog-friendly with several of the dogs at the rescue and has done well at the rescue in play groups. She is also cat-friendly. Noodle is courtesy posted on Rescue Ridge. Please apply to adopt Noodle at [email protected] and call 732 475 4010 to meet her. Check out Noodle in her movie:

    Check out Noodle playing with her new, four-legged friend, Belle:

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  • Toni

    Meet Toni! This stunning, 2.5 yr. old, spayed, vaccinated, Mountain Cur/ Staffordshire Terrier mix was saved just in time from a local, N. J. shelter by another local, N. J. rescue. She is now a Rescue Ridge dog! Toni is not just a pretty face! Her brindle fur glistens in the sun, her deep brown eyes tell a tale of sorrow in her previous life but her resilient and loving nature helped her to overcome her past. Now, she awaits your love and her forever home in a kennel in central New Jersey. Toni is a lover, a snuggler, a kisser. She is active one moment and settles down nicely for some quiet time. She loves to play fetch, knows some commands, takes toys, treats, and food gently, enjoys long walks, and would really like an active home that will enjoy playing with her in a fenced in yard and take her for walks or runs. Toni likes to pick her doggie friends so if you have one, let’s do a meet and greet. She seems to prefer the easy going but friendly male dogs so let’s see if you have a good match! Toni is best in a home with older children, we would not want her to knock the little ones down. Oh, don’t forget to take Toni along on car rides. She would really like that too! We could go on and on about how wonderful and beautiful Toni is but why don’t you see for yourself? Please fill out an adoption application at . You can text us at 732 546 8805 to let us know that you would like to meet Toni. Here is Toni's latest video:

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  • Freddie

    POOR FREDDIE WAS RETURNED TO RESCUE RIDGE. Poor, sweet, handsome, Freddie was returned to Rescue Ridge through no fault of his own. His owner is ill and cannot care for him. We need your help in finding Freddie a new, loving, forever home. Will you help us to help him? Freddie is a loving, affectionate, playful, now almost 5 yr. old, Staffordshire Terrier or Hound/ Boxer mix guy who was saved by Rescue Ridge from a local, New Jersey, overcrowded shelter last year (2/16). His family could not keep him and Rescue Ridge stepped up to save him. Freddie lived with children and was a good, sweet boy with them. Freddie is adult, child and dog-friendly, housebroken, too! He was then adopted through Rescue Ridge last year and was living the good life. Now, he needs our help again. He loves to run, snuggle, play ball, and walks nicely on a leash, too. He knows 'Sit' and takes toys, treats and food gently. Freddie is fabulous in the car and promises to be your best co- pilot ever! Please apply to foster or adopt Freddie in central N. J. at and email: [email protected] or text us at 732-546-8805 Here is his previous Youtube video link:

    Stay tuned for a new one. Please share widely.

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  • Belle


    Please Watch Belle blossom in her PREVIOUS VIDEO link
    Belle is a stunning, ~5 yr. old., female, spayed, ~Pit Bull / Pointer mix. (breeds were recently changed) She was brought to an overcrowded, New Jersey shelter as a stray and Rescue Ridge stepped up to save her. Belle is affectionate, playful, loves to snuggle, and is housebroken. Belle has played with several other dogs and has walked well with them, too. She lived with a small dog and with a young child. She likes most dogs and we would need to see if your dog is a good match. Belle has helped some of the dogs at the rescue adjust to kennel life, including the timid ones. She is a loving, beautiful soul who has been dealt a rough deck and wants a person or family to love her forever. She takes toys, treats, and food gently and is very sweet. Belle walks nicely on a harness and weighs about 60 lbs. Belle would do best in an adult home or one with slightly older children. She would also love a fenced in yard. Come see Belle and apply to foster or adopt her at and then you can also text us at 732- 546- 8805 to meet Belle. Here is Belle's most recent video:
    and here is another one with Belle in a playgroup
    Please watch Belle blossom in her previous video (breeds were changed recently) link, here is Belle's previous video link:

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  • Zena

    ZENA FEMALE. SPAYED. BOXER/ STAFFORDSHIRE TERRIER MXI LOVES PEOPLE/ DOG SELECTIVE. HOUSEBROKEN. NEWEST VIDEO: H1E6OMFAFyY VIDEO LINK: inl13KCMVMs Zena was adopted from Rescue Ridge when she was just a puppy and was returned to us because her owner could no longer keep her. Sweet Zena is now waiting in her kennel in central New Jersey at Rescue Ridge wondering when her new person or family will come along and see what we see in her…an amazing, loving, gentle, affectionate, easy going gal. Zena loves to snuggle, cuddle, go for walks, play in the play yard by herself or with you. She takes toys, treats and food gently, too. Zena is housebroken. She would love a home where people are home a fair amount of time to give her the attention that she loves. She is good with children and likes to pick her doggie friends. No cats, please. Her prior owner says, “She sits perfectly in the tub during bath time and allows you to trim her nails like a little lady. The vet compliments her on how well behaved she always is.” Won’t you please come meet Zena? To know her is to love her. Will you love her forever? Please apply to adopt Zena at and text 732 546 8805 or email [email protected] om for a meet and greet. Here is Zena's newest video link: H1E6OMFAFyY Check out Zena's previous video: inl13KCMVMs

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  • Lefty

    Neutered and up to date on his shots. Are you looking for a stocky, sweet, senior mush of a guy? How about one who loves to play ball, snuggle, and spend time with you? Do you mind if he looks a little scary on the outside but is soft like butter on the inside? When he smiles does he melt your heart? Well, you must be thinking about Lefty who is looking for a new home at Rescue Ridge in central New Jersey! Saved by Rescue Ridge from a local, N. J. shelter, this sweet, ~7 yr. old, Staffordshire Terrier boy did nothing to deserve being dumped by his family. He lived with another dog, is fully housebroken, loves to go for walks, and promises to bring a smile to your face when you look at his! Lefty is a doll boy, just wants someone to love him. How about you? LEFTY'S NEWEST VIDEO

    Check out Lefty's video debut:
    Please apply to foster or adopt Lefty at: and email: [email protected] or text: 732 546 8805 for a meet and greet!

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  • Princess

    PRINCESS BOXER/HOUND MIX FEMALE. DOG SELECTIVE. BEST AS THE ONLY PET IN THE HOME. NEWEST VIDEO: 7XGwHccp914 RECENT VIDEO: Dzqg3gILHYo VIDEO LINK: y7DUjp45E84 You will be hard pressed to find a more precious girl than our PRINCESS. She is the epitome of sweetness, beautiful inside and out. Princess is an ~6 year old girl that we were thrilled to welcome into the rescue and we hope to find her the amazing home she so deserves. What you will notice first about this gal is that she is very gentle and conveys a calm demeanor. Even upon first meeting, she's apt to place herself in your lap and solicit your affection and you won't be able to help yourself. Princess will just make your heart melt. She's already captured the heart of many volunteers Princess is dog selective, easy on the leash, has been great for car rides, trips to the vet, adoption outreaches, and just about anything else you throw at her. Princess would actually love a quiet home and, although she has been fostered with other dogs, she is probably best as the only pet in the home. She was recently returned to the rescue because she did not get along with the other dog in the home and would love a more quiet home. She's truly an angel and we know she'd make a great addition to your family. Here is Princess in her newest video: 7XGwHccp914 Check out Princess in her recent video: Dzqg3gILHYo and here is an earlier video link: y7DUjp45E84Apply to adopt Princess at or email us with any questions - [email protected]

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  • Steve

    This is what his foster mom says about Steve: 'He was a stray. They called him Dole, because, like a pineapple, he is prickly in the outside but sweet inside. I call him Steve. Like many career criminals, Steve is charming, affectionate and loyal-until he's not. His moods seem unpredictable at this point. He only knows 3 dog words to say to the other dogs here and they are all insults. He wants to play but growls so friendly he scares them away. Only the deaf Pomeranian likes him. He falls asleep on any warm lap but if you startle him, he bites. I think he might be a closet alcoholic but I can't find his stash. He's not ready for prime time. (6 years old, neutered male rat terrier, up to date with shots etc)' If you are an experienced pet owner and enjoy the challenge of loving a dog who has many sides to him, then please apply to adopt Steve at: and email: [email protected] for a meet and greet or text: 732 546 8805. Steve is fostered in central N. J.

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  • Layla

    Hi everyone, my name is Layla and I am one of the prettiest dogs on my Mom's base. Unfortunately she has to leave me and there is no one to take care of me, so I am hoping there is someone out there who will think I am the prettiest and most special girl. I am just a year old I believe I am a hound mix, I sure do look like one. I am silky and a beautiful blondie color. I am spayed and up to date on my shots. I am pretty house trained if you pay attention to me I do let you know. I think older kids would be best I do like to jump and greet you. I am told I need a little training. I am scared if you are gone to long so if you like being a home body I am good with that. I don't destroy but I do cry. Please say you want to meet me. Fill out an application at and a human will contact you. My paws are not meant for dialing. Thank you for listening to my sad story hopefully you will make it a happy story. Layla

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  • Benson

    Meet our adorable addition to the Rescue Ridge Family. Benson is between 5/6 yrs old. A little love muffin. Ok with dogs but not really interested in playing, ok with kids but a little rough sometimes so older ones preferred. Not a fan of the feline persuasion. Neutered and up to date on shots. Please give this guy a look at. Text 732-546-8805 to set up a meet after you have filled out application at

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  • Jazzy
    2.5 Yrs. Old Pit Bull Terrier Mix

    Jazzy is the most energetic snugglebug you will ever meet. If she's not running circles around you then she's giving you endless kisses. Jazzy is a 2½-year-old Pit Bull mix weighing about 40 lbs. She is mostly white with patches of light brown and white spots. She is full of energy and needs a forever home that will play with her all day long. She loves playing, especially jumping, so preferably a house with no small children or small animals, like cats. Jazzy loves to play with dogs at her current foster home Camp Bow Wow Eatontown. NJ.. Although she loves to be here and play all day, Jazzy needs a forever home with a family that will give her all the love she deserves. Jazzy was saved from living a miserable, lonely life outside in a garbage heap. Please give her the loving home that she yearns for. Please apply to adopt Jazzy at and text 732 546 8805 to meet her.


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  • Maya
    6 Yrs. Old. Chihuahua

    Meet Maya! She is an adorable, 6 yrs. old, female Chihuahua. Maya is very friendly and likes cats and most small dogs. She’s an escape artist so a home with no kids to protect her from running away is best. Maya is working on her house breaking. This little cutie pie was saved by Rescue Ridge from a hoarding situation and would love to finally know what a real and loving home is all about. Please apply to adopt Maya at and text 732 546 8805 to meet her. 

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  • Boomer
    1.8 yr. old, Staffordshire Terrier / ~ Pharaoh Hound mix

    Well, we will keep trying for adorable ~.1.8 yr. old, Staffordshire Terrier / ~ Pharaoh Hound mix Boomer until we find him a loving, forever home. If you are looking for an adorable, funny, affectionate as can be, handsome, people and dog-friendly, housebroken, crate trained, good in the car puppy then look no further than Boomer! He is so cute! Boomer is energetic but then he quiets down for some loving, belly rubs, and will gladly plant a sweet kiss on your face. He takes toys, treats and food gently, knows a command or two, and loves to play fetch, too. Boomer was in a foster home with other dogs who were both large and small and did well with them. He is best with older kids simply because he is still exuberant and we would not want to knock the little ones down with his happy, energetic self. This poor puppy was saved by Rescue Ridge from a local N. J. shelter and now he sits in his kennel waiting for someone to take him home. Please watch Boomer's video, share his slide show, comment to extend the reach on Facebook and most of all, please apply to foster or adopt Boomer in central N. J. at and then text 732 546 8805 to meet him. Here's Boomer's full-length video link:


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  • Marley
    6 Yrs. Old, Labrador Retriever mix

    Looking for a great dog? Meet Marley!6 Yrs. Old, Labrador Retriever mix.

    His foster family reports that Marley is doing great in his foster home. He is great with the kids, fully housebroken, loving and playful. Marley is a 6 yrs. young, Labrador Retriever mix. He is looking for the perfect home. He is recently deaf, but is as loyal as the day is long. Marley is handsome, kind, and very low energy. He is best in the home as your one and only pet. Marley is housebroken, good with children, takes toys, treats and food gently, and is an affectionate, sweet boy. Please apply to adopt him at and text 732 546 8805 to meet him.






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  • Barney
    10 Yrs. Old

    Meet Barney, not sure what breed he is but he is a sweetie pie. At 10 yrs old Barney finds himself homeless. Barney is blind and needs eye drops. Please please please find it in your heart to help Barney. Text to 732-546-8805 for a meet and greet.

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  • Spencer
    1 Yrs. Old Staffie Mix

    Spencer is an adorable, affectionate, people and dog friendly, 11 months old, Staffordshire Terrier mix. Saved by an older woman, he was too strong and energetic for her. She loved him and had him professionally trained. Spencer will be a year old, Jan. 2019. He is people and dog-friendly, best with older kids. He's housebroken, crate trained, knows commands. He takes toys, treats, food gently. Spencer loves car rides, walks, and will be a great family dog to an active family. Adopt at and text 732 546 8805 to meet him. Here is Spencer in his video debut: 

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  • Cynthia

    LET'S WELCOME CYNTHIA TO RESCUE RIDGE! Cynthia loves people/sociable and wants to play with other dogs. She enjoys watching squirrels. She is pretty good on a leash, is confident, goofy and entertaining. Cynthia enjoys toys, particularly squeaky ones and tennis balls. Most of all, she loves to cuddle, sit on laps and sleep on or near her people. Cynthia sits for food and takes food gently. She seldom barks, is housebroken and goes into her crate relatively easily. She knows the commands sit and paw. She enjoys eating bubbles blown in front of her. Cynthia enjoys activity but also relaxes with her blanket. When excited, sometimes she can get a little mouthy but responds well when we find a replacement such as a toy. Cynthia has some minor eczema. Please apply to adopt Cynthia at and text 732 546 8805 to meet this adorable puppy. please share her. Please watch Cynthia in her video debut

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  • Rennie
    2 Yrs. Old Shepherd maybe Malinois mix

    Sneak preview of RENNIE who is a stunning ~2 yrs. old, neutered, vaccinated, Shepherd maybe Malinois mix sweetheart available for love and his forever home at Rescue Ridge in central N. J. He is a courtesy post for Mary's Mutts and is very sweet, friendly, playful. He knows Sit and is very, very smart. Want to teach him some more? Found as a stray and is now one lucky pup to be waiting for you to find him. He is a big boy so best in a home with slightly older kids but wow, what a doll. He loves to go for walks, snuggle, takes toys, treats, food gently, keeps his kennel very clean, and is a great catch. Please apply to adopt Rennie at and email [email protected] to meet him. Please share.

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  • Tanner
    11 months old, Staffordshire Terrier mix

    Say 'Hello' to the new kid on the block! Meet Tanner! This adorable, 11 months old, Staffordshire Terrier mix puppy is sweet, friendly, and eager to learn. Tanner spent most of his life in a local, N. J. shelter and Rescue Ridge stepped up to save him. He is very energetic, playful, and is a really quick learner. He wants to please you and has come an exceptionally long way in a short period of time. We are not sure whether he is dog friendly yet and have not tested him with cats but we do know that he loves people, and due to his energy level, is best with older children. Wanna meet him? Please apply to adopt Tanner at and text 732 546 8805 to meet him. He will melt your heart with a wag of his tail and a kiss on your cheek.

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