Sponsor a Homeless Cat…Save a Life


When you sponsor a homeless cat you help bring relief to a life filled with hunger and harshness. Life outdoors is no fun for a cat. Food, shelter, water are not easy to find, and there are many predators and other dangers that threaten our feline friends.

Your donation to the Kitty for the Cats Sponsorship Program helps us save as many homeless kittens and cats as we can. We need and appreciate your support.

Please help us help the “forgotten ones”

Cats in rescue situations are often the forgotten ones because there are just so many that need help. These amazing creatures, young and old, have so much to teach us every day.  There truly is no such things as “just a cat.”  They have so much intuition and intelligence.

We at Rescue Ridge have learned so much from our feline friends, and we are convinced that a program that educate,s cares for and promotes the health and well being of these magnificent creatures is desperately needed. The Kitty for the Cats is program is dedicated to raising much needed funds to accomplish this vision for the welfare of the felines in our care– or soon to be in our care–so we can give them the best possible chance in a very difficult world.

Please donate to this extremely important vision helping us to help them.  Every dollar, 100% will be used in this endeavor. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts and their furry little paws.

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