Courtesy Posted Adoptable Dogs

These dogs are available for adoption through other local, New Jersey rescues and your application will be forwarded to their rescue

  • Ace
    Lab mix. 16 months old.

    I'M ACE. MY MOM HAS TAKEN ILL AND I NEED A NEW HOME. I have been very socialized and like other smaller dogs and love people. Big dogs seem to pick on me so I am very afraid. I also like kids. I am only 16 months old so still a little bit of a pup. I am a courtesy post at the moment til my friends at the rescue find room for me, so please give them a few days to contact my Mom. Please fill out an application at and text 732-546-8805

  • Bailey
    13-year-old Golden Doodle

    Please call Beth at 908 433 3921 She is trying to help a close family member keep her dog but needs a temporary foster. 

    Bailey is a 13-year-old Golden Doodle.

    He is good with kids and has lived with a Jack Russell most of his life.
    He is good going on walks of a mile or less ( we haven't tried more than that).
    He will get into the trash and drink from the toilet if given the chance but is generally a good dog.
    Being an older guy he is calm and happy to rest.

    We leave his dry food out and he self feeds.

    Please apply at and your information will be forwarded to Beth.

  • Candy
    3.5 Yrs. Old Bulldog

    Candy is currently being fostered in and is available for adoption in the Pennington, NJ area Candy came to us in Feb 2014 as a pup of 6 months and has basically grown up in our rescue. She's been available for adoption the entire time but seems to be overlooked and passed over by potential adopters. Maybe it's because she doesn't always 'show well' at events, maybe it's just that old 'She's a Bulldog' stigma...whatever the reason, Candy has yearned for her new home for nearly four years. What numerous people are missing out on is one really terrific and loving dog! Candy is well mannered and simply loves human interaction, she will sit by your side & let you pet her for hours. While in her foster home, her favorite thing to do when let out of her crate is to run around the entire house leaping as if to say 'I'm free'! Although a fenced in backyard isn't required, she would love one because she loves to gallop flipping her toys into the air! Candy is leash and crate trained and has down all basic commands. She loves car rides & watching TV An ideal home for Candy would be with no other dogs,cats and no young children. She just needs a low key couple that just wants to devote their time to growing this wonderful dog into the greatness we all know she can be! Candy has been on her monthly flea/tick and heart worm preventatives since coming to us and has consistently tested negative for heart worms. Candy just needs a chance and she won't disappoint you. If you'd like to give Candy the home that she so deserves and has been waiting for, then please submit an application at Breed - Bulldog Mix Age - Approx 3 1/2 Size - Medium Weight - Approx 40 lbs. PLEASE EMAIL HER RESCUE AT [email protected] for more information. Here is Candy in her video debut  

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  • Zoe
    2 Yrs. Old. Rottweiler

    Meet Zoe! She is a stunning, sweet, spayed, Rottweiler born on January 10, 2016. Zoe was professionally trained on leash and on an e-collar. Zoe is obedient, very adaptable, independent, loves to give kisses and have her belly rubbed. She loves to play, loves to swim, and goes to doggie daycare regularly. Zoe needs to be in a home that does not have small dogs. Zoe is a courtesy post on Rescue Ridge. Please contact Dawn at 732 275 7960. Please apply to adopt Zoe and your application will be forwarded to Zoe's owner.

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  • Enzo
    3 Yrs. Old Male Pit Bull

    Enzo is a lovable, playful, beautiful, smart, affectionate, 3 year old male Pit Bull. He is healthy, up to date on his shots, neutered and micro chipped. He currently lives in our home with myself, my husband and two cats. He lives in New Jersey, loves long walks, and running in the yard. He is crate trained. He lived his first year in a college dorm with 4 girls, no where to run, and not much discipline. Since living in our house, he has had quite a bit of training. He is 100% outside potty trained, and has never destroyed or chewed anything in the house. He gets along well with other dogs (my daughter brings her 22 lb Beagle and 6 month old, 12 lb puppy over to play with him) Teenage children or older he is pretty strong for younger children.

    ENZO IS A COURTESY POST: Please fill out an application at and give us a little time to contact the owner to set up a meet and greet.

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  • Cowboy
    5.5 Yr. old Great Pyrenees/ Cattle Dog

    Howdy, everyone! My name is Cowboy and, if I do say so, I am a good lookin', 5.5-year-old Great Pyrenees/ Cattle Dog. Folks around this here rescue think that I am mighty special. Yup, I get along with dogs but prefer the smaller ones. I play possum at first and then warm up to y'all pretty quickly. I love to run and can settle down into my pack as quickly as the crows fly. I hope you will show me some kind hospitality and invite me to share your hacienda with you forever. You see, I am hopin' to rope me up a new forever home and I reckon yours will do me just fine. Please reach out to the kind folks in central New Jersey at Rescue Ridge and apply to adopt me at . Cowboy is a courtesy post so please give us some time for the family to get back to you. Cowboy needs a very experienced owner. Cowboy loves to exercise but once that's done he loves to just hang. 

  • Chula
    5 Yrs. Old Staffordshire Terrier

    Hello everyone! My name is Chula! I am a really gentle, sweet, 5 yrs. old, housebroken, Staffordshire Terrier. This is my story...I lived in a wet basement my entire life I never got a chance to enjoy walks, bask in the sunlight, and so my skin is not so pretty. I have sores on my legs and my skin on my back shows through what could have been my beautiful fur. But that is all behind me now, thanks to a local, N. J. rescue who saved me and I am being housed and pampered now at Rescue Ridge as a courtesy to that rescue. I LOVE people and really enjoy when you pet me...I never had any love before and now I am really enjoying attention. I prefer male dogs but also get along with some female dogs so if you have a canine family member, let's do a meet and greet. I would love a quiet home and would love to get as much attention as you are willing to give. I soak up love like a sponge! I take toys, treats, and food gently, am easy on a leash and love walks. Won't you please love me forever? Please apply to adopt me at and text 732 546 8805 to meet me and your application will be forwarded to my rescue. Hurry! I would love a foster or forever home

  • Ellie Mae
    4 Yrs. Old

    Sweet Ellie Mae is 4 years old and weighs 43 pounds. She is a low key dog who gets along well with other dogs in her foster home. She greets everyone who visits with a welcoming disposition. Her vet care includes: vaccines, spay, bloodwork, and microchip. Ellie Mae is a lovely girl and is courtesy posted on Rescue Ridge for another local, N. J. rescue. Please apply to adopt her at and your application will be forwarded to her rescue.

  • Nash 3 Yr. Old Lab mix

    Hi everyone, I'm Nash. Isn't that an adorable name. I am 3 years old and a Lab mix. No one told me what I am mixed with. A nice person rescued me from the shelter and now Rescue Ridge is helping him find me a home. I am okay on a leash after a few minutes. I like people and dogs. I have no food aggression but I do like my toys so I don't want people or dogs trying to take them away from me. I know sit, paw, catch the ball and I even give it back. Do you want a real cutie for a fur friend? I think I fit the bill. Go to to fill out an application and my new friends will call you for a meet and greet. No young children just cause I don't know if I like them yet. No cats for same reason. Can't wait to meet my new family.

  • Prudence
    1 Yr. Old Border Collie/ Labrador Mix

    Prudence is a sweet, shy with humans, year old Border Collie/ Labrador mix pup. Saved by another local NJ rescue, she is a darling to be with! Prudence would do best living in a home with another sweet, gentle pup to build her confidence. She loves other dogs! She loves to cuddle once she trusts you and enjoys a fun game of chase the ball. Easy on a leash, she is best in a quiet home and best with older children to give her a chance to get used to being around more people. Housebroken, and has no toy, treat or food issues, this gentle soul just needs time and a place to rest her weary head and heart. Please apply to adopt Prudence and email [email protected] for more information.

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  • Dougie
    8 Yrs. Old. Shepherd Mix

    Rescue Ridge is courtesy posting to help out another local, N. J. rescue. His name is Dougie and he is waiting a very, very long time in a local, N. J. kennel and is also courtesy posted at Best Friend Dog and Animal Adoption, Inc. and Best Friend Thrift Shop for you to adopt him. him out! Dougie is a sweet and gentle boy who hasn’t had the easiest life but we are working hard to find him the perfect home. Dougie has spent a few of his 8 years in the kennel environment and is ready for a quiet low key home of his own with a big comfy bed and lots of toys to play with. We would prefer he does not go into a home with kids or frequent kid visitors as he does get nervous with commotion. He is a Shepherd mix who can be shy at times around men but will warm up after some time. Dougie does enjoy playtime with smaller dogs and could benefit from another calm non-invasive dog. Please apply to adopt Dougie at 

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  • Riley
    Riley 5 Yrs. Old Lhasa Apso

    Riley was a stray in central Jersey and was then adopted by a family unfamiliar with Lhasas. He needs a new forever home. 

    He's a friendly bouncy, 5 yrs. old, Llasa Apso guy but takes his guard duties seriously while the adopters were looking for a happy go lucky family dog. Riley is affectionate and playful but needs a person

    who has experience with voice commands to keep him from taking over.

    He is totally housebroken and responds well to treats. He is a snuggly guy,
    Riley just needs a chance with someone who has experience with Lhasas or another surly breed.

    He is up to date on all medical needs, neutered, gets along with other dogs unless food is involved and just needs structure and an experienced owner who understands his breed. Riley is best in an adult home with no children.
    Riley is courtesy posted on Rescue Ridge for another local, N. J. rescue. If you have an interest in Riley, please apply to adopt him at and find him on the Courtesy posted dogs page on our website. You can also email his rescue at [email protected]

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