Courtesy Posted Adoptable Dogs

These dogs are available for adoption through other local, New Jersey rescues and your application will be forwarded to their rescue

  • Brody

    Calling all experienced Shepherd people. Apply to adopt Brody at in central NJ.
    Come and meet Brody, Brody is a beautiful 1-year-old papered German Shepherd.
    Brody lived with a woman who could not handle him so a good Samaritan came along to help.
    When she took Brody he was super thin and anxious. She has socialized Brody and got him back to health. He is good with other dogs and ok with cats.
    Brody is not always a man fan, seems to get anxious around them but loves the woman.
    He is a true shepherd and loves to guard the house.
    Brody is a courtesy post but his foster says.
    Brody needs an experienced shepherd owner.
    If you meet the requirements please fill out an application at and Brody's foster will contact you.

  • Luna

    Luna is Looking for Her Forever Home in central N. J. Courtesy Posted on Rescue Ridge!
    Luna is 6 years old, sweet, playful, tail wagging all the time, housebroken, loves people and likes to cuddle. Look at how sweet Luna is with other dogs! She is being fostered in Freehold, NJ. Loves to go for walks which are essential for her weight loss program. She weighs 64 pounds and needs to lose 10-15 pounds. Her vet care includes vaccines, bloodwork, spay, and microchip. Luna is a courtesy post on Rescue Ridge for another local, N. J. rescue and your application will be forwarded to that rescue. Please apply to adopt Luna at

  • Hazel
    4 Yrs. Old Red Nose Pit Mix

    Hazel is a courtesy post on Rescue Ridge in central N. J. The information provided here about Hazel was written by her family. If interested in Hazel please send in an application to We will suppy you with food for Hazel for a few months. And a coat. Hazel is a wonderful 4 yr. old, red nose Pit Mix with beautiful golden, Hazel eyes and a really sweet temperament. Due to dire straits, we must leave our home & Cannot take her where we will be staying. She's been with me & my NOW, teenage son since she was 8 mths. old. By one yr old she passed basic training & is still treat driven. She knows: SIT,STAY,LEAVE IT,NO,,DOWN,GIVE PAW & MIGHT? rollover. Hazel ONLY can do off leash in a fenced area! She has two cats as housemates but would do better without as she does want their food & must not have access to litter boxes. She's been fully socialized, LOVES kids, boys in particular, but due to her muscularity and silliness should be supervised in case she bumps into a smaller person or animal too hard. She's protective behind a fence & guarded on a leash. On principle, I don't let her near other dogs on leash unless she knows them well; in a dog park she's fine & she gets along with 99.9% all other dogs. She has NEVER initiated aggression, though her style of playing is rough She would LOVE a dog buddy but should be with a sturdy dog For the forementioned reasons. She's sensitive and very expressive facially, VERY human-like She REQUIRES grain free food & NO poultry by-product or very little poultry Byproduct as she's prone to skin allergy & yeast and MIGHT react to grass or wheat Grass upon skin contact.& has had yeast build up before. NO OATMEAL baths The special skin care ones are best. She has a crate ONLY used when a guest might be afraid of dogs. I use a prong collar only because she is so strong & I have a very bad( torn) Shoulder. She does require a coat in cold weather when walking And she doesn't do well in extreme heat, she's a sensitive little redhead. Overall whoever gets Hazel will be EXTREMELY Lucky! PLEASE know that this is killing me! I rescued her & put a lot of love, patience, time & money Into making her who she is

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  • Izzy
    6 Yrs. Old Boxer

    Meet Izzy. She is a 6-year-old stunning Boxer girl. Izzy finds herself in a situation that cannot be helped and she will be homeless. Izzy gets along well with all people. She has never been with other dogs or cats. Izzy is a courtesy post on Rescue Ridge and is in New Jersey. Please fill out an application at to meet Izzy.

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  • Tony Danza 7 Yrs. Old Italian Greyhound

    A volunteer wrote: 'I met a very special little guy today. His name is Tony Danza. He is an incredible mixture of Italian Greyhound, which gives him such grace and agility, and Dachshund, which gives him impeccable hunting instincts. He is just 7 years old, 14 lbs.. and, in his young life, he has seen and been through a lot. There are many sides to Tony Danza: gentle, sweet, calm, affectionate, and then there is the bouncy, 'pogo-stick' like behavior that will keep you in stitches! He is amazingly fast on his feet and can sour the skies with a leap! Tony Danza is very housebroken, enjoys walks, is quiet most of the time, and truly just wants someone to love him. Will you? Tony has the most expressive ears, the most beautiful eyes that will melt your heart. He is good with children and best with kids age 10 and older. As I had said, he has been through a lot and needs an experienced owner who is familiar with small breeds. When Tony trusts you, he is a darling, loving, protective boy...loyal and regal, smart, and sassy. I fell in love with Tony Danza today, and I hope that you will, too. He's best flying solo but does like some dogs and definitely no cats or little critters in your home. Remember, he has Doxie in him. Tony Danza is in a foster home in central N. J. and is available right now so hurry!' Tony Danza is courtesy posted for another N. J. rescue. Please apply to adopt Tony Danza at and your application will be forwarded to his rescue. Check out Tony Danza in his video debut:

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  • Candy 3.5 Yrs. Old Bulldog

    Candy is currently being fostered in and is available for adoption in the Pennington, NJ area Candy came to us in Feb 2014 as a pup of 6 months and has basically grown up in our rescue. She's been available for adoption the entire time but seems to be overlooked and passed over by potential adopters. Maybe it's because she doesn't always 'show well' at events, maybe it's just that old 'She's a Bulldog' stigma...whatever the reason, Candy has yearned for her new home for nearly four years. What numerous people are missing out on is one really terrific and loving dog! Candy is well mannered and simply loves human interaction, she will sit by your side & let you pet her for hours. While in her foster home, her favorite thing to do when let out of her crate is to run around the entire house leaping as if to say 'I'm free'! Although a fenced in backyard isn't required, she would love one because she loves to gallop flipping her toys into the air! Candy is leash and crate trained and has down all basic commands. She loves car rides & watching TV An ideal home for Candy would be with no other dogs,cats and no young children. She just needs a low key couple that just wants to devote their time to growing this wonderful dog into the greatness we all know she can be! Candy has been on her monthly flea/tick and heart worm preventatives since coming to us and has consistently tested negative for heart worms. Candy just needs a chance and she won't disappoint you. If you'd like to give Candy the home that she so deserves and has been waiting for, then please submit an application at Breed - Bulldog Mix Age - Approx 3 1/2 Size - Medium Weight - Approx 40 lbs. PLEASE EMAIL HER RESCUE AT [email protected] for more information. Here is Candy in her video debut  

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  • Zoe 2 Yrs. Old. Rottweiler

    Meet Zoe! She is a stunning, sweet, spayed, Rottweiler born on January 10, 2016. Zoe was professionally trained on leash and on an e-collar. Zoe is obedient, very adaptable, independent, loves to give kisses and have her belly rubbed. She loves to play, loves to swim, and goes to doggie daycare regularly. Zoe needs to be in a home that does not have small dogs. Zoe is a courtesy post on Rescue Ridge. Please contact Dawn at 732 275 7960. Please apply to adopt Zoe and your application will be forwarded to Zoe's owner.

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  • Izzy

    This holiday season will you open your heart to a senior boy with cancer? He had lumps removed and they were cancerous. We are not sure if all the cancer was removed but are sure that this sweet boy deserves a loving home for however long. We are hoping longer than shorter. 

    Izzy is looking for a place to live out his last months or hopefully years.

    Izzy shows no signs of being sick and is just an all-around pleasant boy. He is people and dog-friendly. He barely has any gray on his muzzle and has plenty of spunk in his step. We are not positive of his age. He is a senior. 

    He just needs some love and a place to rest his weary bones.

    Please text Joan at 732-546-8805 if you are interested.

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  • Stella
    1 Yrs. Old Staffordshire Terrier/ Boxer mix

    Central N. J. Meet beautiful, one-year-old, Staffordshire Terrier/ Boxer mix, Stella!  She is a courtesy post on Rescue Ridge.  Poor, adult, child, dog-friendly, housebroken Stella was found in the South tied up and abandoned.  A lovely college student saved her and brought her to her family in New Jersey.  Sadly, the family dog does not get along with Stella and so poor Stella needs a new home.  Stella is spayed and up to date on vaccinations and is truly a lovely girl. If you would like to apply to adopt Stella, please email. [email protected]  to meet her and apply at

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  • Zeila
    3 Yrs. Old Bully Mix

    This is Zeila, a beautiful, happy-go-lucky 3 yr old bully mix who, through no fault of her own, needs a new place to call home. Totally house trained and crate trained; quiet and happy in her crate. Knows how to chill and loves to cuddle. Sweet, wiggly, and friendly with all people. Great with kids. Never destructive.
    Needs to be an only fur friend. Zeila is a courtesy post on Rescue Ridge. Please apply to adopt this beauty at

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  • Abby
    1 Yrs. Old Hound

    Abby is a sweet, gentle, 1 year old Hound who weighs about 45 pounds. She is still a puppy who loves to play and would enjoy the company of another playful dog. Abby is excellent with other dogs and so if you have one, let's do a meet and greet. Abby is an active pup, thrives on exercise and enjoys walks. She is best in a home with older children, due to her activity level. Her vet care includes: vaccines, blood work, spay, dental, and microchip.She is courtesy posted on Rescue Ridge for another local N. J. rescue. Please apply to adopt Abby at Abby is a sweet, gentle, 

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  • Bella
    6 month old Black Lab/ Australian Shepherd mix

    This sweet faced girl is Bella! She is a 6 month old Black Lab/ Australian Shepherd mix who was surrendered to us after her family rescued her from a bad situation when she was little but does not have the time to care for her properly. Bella weighs about 35lbs right now and will get a bit bigger. She is very sweet and loves other dogs her size and bigger. She is extremely inquisitive, has a lot of energy and would do great with an active family. She has recently been acclimated with other dogs her size and has done very well with those that will play with her. When she doesn't have a play buddy, Bella will play and amuse herself with toys and ropes. Bella will definitely need some puppy training classes as she has never had formal training but does know a few basic commands. Bella is crate trained and will gladly go into it for a yummy treat. She is also leash trained and loves long walks or even a good run if you are up to it. Please apply to adopt Bella at and your application will be forwarded to her local, N. J. rescue. Bella is a courtesy post on Rescue Ridge for another NJ rescue.

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  • Shelby
    4-5 Yrs. Old Pitt Bull Mix

    Shelby - 42 pound spayed female Pit Bull mix, 4-5 years old. Hi Everyone, meet Shelby! Shelby is approximately 4-5 years old and a Pit Bull mix. Shelby is the cuddliest dog I have ever met. She just loves to sprawl across your lap for belly rubs or stretch out next to you and be your body pillow. When she's not pretending she's a lap dog, Shelby loves to play tug of war, give kisses, go for bike rides (she'll pull you all over the neighborhood!), or hang her head out the car window to feel the breeze. She LOVES to run and has lots of energy so she would be perfect in a home with a yard so she can stretch her legs and play with her people! She knows sit, stay, paw and 'get a toy!' Shelby is usually good with other dogs, but not always. She often has play dates with dogs we know, but I don't take her to dog parks and think she would do best in a home as the only dog, Shelby's owner abandoned her and the person who took her in is really not allowed dogs. Can anyone help Shelby? Please fill out an application at and text 732-546-8805 for a chance to meet this beautiful girl.

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  • Blu
    3 Yrs. Old Red Nose Pit

    Adopt Blu! Courtesy posted on Rescue Ridge. This gorgeous, 3 yrs. old, Red-Nose Pit Bull is down on his luck. He is looking for a new home with an experienced owner. Are you looking for a loyal, handsome guy who would love to be your one and only pet? Blu is looking for YOU. He is high energy around company and very loving. Blu is best in an adult home where he can enjoy walks and cuddle time with you. He is best in a home with no children. Looking for a great TV watching buddy? He won't even ask to use the remote! Blu is housebroken and ready for a new chapter in his life...a happily ever after. Please contact Blu's foster family at [email protected] or text him at 347-865-3008 to meet him.

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  • Chase
    3 Yrs. Old American Bulldog Mix

    Chase is a 3 year old American Bulldog mix who came to us from an over crowded New Jersey shelter. The staff at the shelter kept him alive for a long time because they knew how sweet and wonderful he is. He is the most well rounded dog, as he is super sweet, loving and easy going. He loves long walks and is very easy on the leash. Chase is playful and energetic and would do well in a home with children who know how to act around a bigger dog. Lazy Sundays are his favorite day of the week. Who wouldn't want a nice leisurely walk in the morning and some couch potato vibes in the middle of the afternoon!?!? Chase is a courtesy post on Rescue Ridge for another local NJ rescue. Please apply to adopt Chase at and your application will be forwarded to his rescue. Watch his video clip, too!

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  • Enzo
    3 Yrs. Old Male Pit Bull

    Enzo is a lovable, playful, beautiful, smart, affectionate, 3 year old male Pit Bull. He is healthy, up to date on his shots, neutered and micro chipped. He currently lives in our home with myself, my husband and two cats. He lives in New Jersey, loves long walks, and running in the yard. He is crate trained. He lived his first year in a college dorm with 4 girls, no where to run, and not much discipline. Since living in our house, he has had quite a bit of training. He is 100% outside potty trained, and has never destroyed or chewed anything in the house. He gets along well with other dogs (my daughter brings her 22 lb Beagle and 6 month old, 12 lb puppy over to play with him) Teenage children or older he is pretty strong for younger children.

    ENZO IS A COURTESY POST: Please fill out an application at and give us a little time to contact the owner to set up a meet and greet.

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  • Cowboy

    Howdy, everyone! My name is Cowboy and, if I do say so, I am a good lookin', 5.5-year-old Great Pyrenees/ Cattle Dog. Folks around this here rescue think that I am mighty special. Yup, I get along with dogs but prefer the smaller ones. I play possum at first and then warm up to y'all pretty quickly. I love to run and can settle down into my pack as quickly as the crows fly. I hope you will show me some kind hospitality and invite me to share your hacienda with you forever. You see, I am hopin' to rope me up a new forever home and I reckon yours will do me just fine. Please reach out to the kind folks in central New Jersey at Rescue Ridge and apply to adopt me at . Cowboy is a courtesy post so please give us some time for the family to get back to you. Cowboy needs a very experienced owner. Cowboy loves to exercise but once that's done he loves to just hang. 

  • Sprocket

    courtesy posted for a fellow local, NJ rescuer. Please help Sprocket find a new forever home. Her owner cannot keep her and she is a great dog! Apply to adopt Sprocket at Here is the info from her owner: Sprocket 3-4yrs old
    Greet with dogs,kids and cats,
    Retired hunting dog
    Needs to be leashed and crater when no home, is due for 2 shots
    She’s spayed,
    On heartworm prevent
    Shy at first but comes around Prefers her bed rather then be in someone’s bed, likes to do her own thing and be alone sometimes, great on a leash, house and crate trained

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