Saving Senior Pets

Senior dogs are often the passed over, forgotten or simply ignored. These seniors make loyal and loving companions, and they bring great joy to the families who adopt them.

Many senior dogs lose their homes, and it has nothing to do with their behavior or temperament. It’s usually due to the owner’s illness or change in finances, or to the death of a guardian or the birth of a baby. These dogs need homes desperately, and they struggle in a crowded shelter environment. Seniors are typically house trained, have few puppy-like bad habits, and they are eager to please. They simply need to give and be loved.

How Charlie’s Legacy came to be

Charlie, the elderly father of a Rescue Ridge founder adopted a senior dog name Casey, and Casey gave new life to Charlie. Before Charlie passed away, he took great care in ensuring that Casey would be cared for throughout the rest of his life. It is for dogs like Casey that Charlie’s Legacy Fund was established. The money we raise helps us pull senior dogs from shelters where they are at risk, and enables us to re-home dogs whose families can no longer care for them.

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