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Rescue Ridge Pack Walk

Here is the Rescue Ridge pack walk from today at Allaire State Park. Many thanks to our amazing volunteers for doing what you always do...love, care, and socialize our adoptable pups of Rescue Ridge. Thank you, Sue, Rose, and Donna for these adorable clips and pics. Many thanks to our amazing volunteers who took time on a gorgeous Sunday to take our dogs for a pack walk. Thank you, Rose,, Sue, Donna, Grainne, Matt, Tara, Colleen, Doreen, Shari and Eileen for all that you do for the homeless animals of Rescue Ridge. Here are Rhino, Lulu, Sammy, Kola, Gemma, Blu, Fergie, Toni, Noodle, and Violet enjoying a great day out of the kennel. This is Rhino's very first time out of the kennel and he LOVED IT. Please apply to adopt at RescueRidge.com(Violet is a visitor from Best Friend Dog And Animal Adoption, Inc. and Noodle and Lulu are available through Mary's Mutts at [email protected])


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