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  • OUR MEGA 50/50 EVENT WAS AMAZING! 9/26/2021
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WE HAVE A WINNER! The Mega 50/50 hit $91,520!!!!    Many, many thanks to all who donated to our Mega 50/50;  whether you bought one ticket or a hundred you all helped to save a life.  Without your donations, Rescue Ridge cannot survive.  Thanks to your participation in our Mega 50/50 many more homeless animals can be saved and helped.  Rescue Ridge is a 501(c)3 charity licensed by the State of New Jersey.  We are completely volunteer-based and rely 100% on your generous donations.  If you would like to continue to donate to Rescue Ridge, please see our website section on donations at https://www.rescueridge.com/donate-to-rescue-ridge to view our general donations as well as several specialized programs. We are also always seeking volunteers and fosters to help out with our precious dogs and cats.  Please see our website at https://www.rescueridge.com/foster and at https://www.rescueridge.com/volunteer  Congratulations to our winner of the Mega 50/50 and here's to next year's total being even larger!  YOU are all winners because of your support.  Thank you! 


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