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DRUM ROLL, PLEASE! Happy tears, smiles, wagging tails, hands clapping, dancing for joy! Why? WE ARE THRILLED TO ANNOUNCE THAT ASTRO IS ADOPTED! Yes, our very precious special needs Aruba dog Astro found his forever home with one of our most amazing adopters. Astro was hit by a car in Aruba and left to die in the street. One of our fabulous volunteers was vacationing there at the time and arranged to save him. Rescue Ridge stepped in to help Astro and it was discovered that he suffered neurological damage from his injuries. Well, Astro's mommy saw him on our page and she has a big heart for the special needs pups. She adopted Astro several weeks ago and all is going very well. Astro has a blind canine sister now with whom he plays and loves very much. Astro is in cloth diapers and is doing beautifully in them. He is loving life and his forever family. We are so very grateful to all of our adopters and Astro's mommy is as special as he is. Happy, healthy, long life to Astro and his forever family. Thank you for saving his life and making room for another.



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